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Jacob Goldberg
Blossoming Talent and Leadership

Before Jacob Goldberg came to UB as a freshman, he had already completed an internship at the U.S. Department of Defense as a senior in high school. That internship was just one path of discovery for the Anne Arundel County resident.

Goldberg, a junior finance major and the Merrick School of Business undergraduate representative on UB’s Student Council, takes the time to observe the world around him. His high school internship provided him with important realizations when it came to making choices in his major and career direction.

 “I wanted to specialize in finance because it is a nice balance of analytical and practical skills,” Goldberg said. “There are so many different fields that I can go into with a finance degree, and having strong math and critical thinking skills will only help when I search for a job after graduation.”

Goldberg is skilled at evaluating problems -- and not just in the classroom. Last summer, as his father and a business partner launched a new HVAC venture, Goldberg saw an opportunity to help out with the financial and administrative aspects of the company.

“They had an antiquated software program to help run their business,” he said. “I offered my thoughts and provided them with my analysis of how they could better keep track of everything from payroll to billing, from employee benefits to customer records. I developed profit and loss statements that seem to have helped the company’s profitability and growth. It was a great way to get hands-on consulting. Of course I wasn’t getting paid at the time.”

Goldberg shared that he has taken some concepts he learned in the classroom to help his father’s company.

“I was taking finance class and we were discussing time value of money concepts,” he said. “At the time, we were taking about ways to grow the company. I suggested to him that perhaps a pre-pay service program for our clients would provide us with some additional capital and help with client retention. I’m happy to say that since September that business has been going up and up. It has allowed the company to create one full-time position that my stepsister and I share, and we have been able to get a new computer system.”

When he isn’t in class, working for his father’s company or at his other part-time job with a Department of Defense subcontractor, Goldberg represents the Merrick School’s undergraduate population on the UB Student Council.

“I ran for the position so I could impact policies and give a voice to the students,” he said. “Some initiatives we are working on are quite exciting. We are in discussions now about ways to better allocate funding and advance the mission of the University. It is exciting.”

Goldberg is a great example of a modern UB student. He’s a leader in his own right with the skills and aptitude for solving problems. He’s not sure exactly what his career path will take him, perhaps in the financial planning field, but right now that doesn’t matter all that much. He is working toward the future, while at the present he is also serving as a voice for his fellow students. 

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