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Journal Articles
January 1, 2011 - December 31, 2011

In addition to teaching, Merrick School of Business faculty are busy publishing their research.  Below is a sample the journal articles that were printed in 2011.

Bento, A. M., Bento, R. F. (2011). Cloud Computing: A New Phase in Information Technology Management. The Journal of Information Technology Management, XXII(1), 39-46.

Bento, R. F., A. J. B., H. A. (2011). Industry Shifts in MBA Graduates: An investigation of career, educational, and demographic factors. Career Development International.

Carter, C., Lin, Z., Haloupek, W., Allen, M. T. (2011). Another Look at Effects of 'Adults-Only' Age Restrictions on Housing Prices. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics.

Chen, D., Bradley, M. (2011). Corporate Governance and the Cost of Debt: Evidence from Director Limited Liability and Indemnification Provisions. Journal of Corporate Finance, 17(1), 83-107.

Korb, P. J., Ford, D. A., Gerlowski, D. A. (2011). Price Versus Interest Rate Expectations Effects on Home Buyer Decisions. The CPA Journal, 81(9), 46-49.

Randolph, W. A., Kemery, E. R. (2011). Managerial use of power bases in a model of empowerment practices and employee psychological empowerment. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 18(1), 95-106.

Levy, D. T. (2011). Modeling the effects of a menthol ban on smoking-attributable deaths in the United States. American Journal of Public Health, 101 (7)

Levy, D. T. (in press). Quit Attempts and Cessation Rates among Menthol and non-Menthol Smokers: Findings from a national population survey. To appear in Americcan Journal of Public Health.

Fontell, J., Luchsinger, V. P. (in press). Sustainable Efforts to Eradicate global Hunger, Undernourishment and Malnutrition. To appear in Journal of Global Business Issues, 5 (2, Fall 2011).

Milbourn, E. F. (2011). Service Models and Structuring the Student Service Quality Project,”  The Journal of the American Academy of Business, Cambridge, Vol. 16, number 2, March 2011, pages 31-38.           

Morse, J. N., Nguyen, H. H., Yu, C.-H. (2011). The Effect of Option Listing on Momentum Returns and Reversals. Global Business and Finance Review, Spring 2011, 16-30.

Nguyen, H. H., Chen, H., Singal, V. (2011). The Information Content of Stock Splits. Journal of Banking and Finance, (35) 9

Nguyen, T. V., Nguyen, H. H., Tang, W. (2011). The Liquidity Implications of Listing Changes within NASDAQ Markets. Journal of Economics and Finance.

Kaltcheva, V. D., Patino, A. D., Chebat, J.-C. (2011). The Impact of Retail Environment Extraordinariness on Customer Self-Concept. Journal of Business Research, 64(6), 551-557.

Kaltcheva, V. D., Winsor, R. D., Patino, A. D., Shapiro, S. (in press). Impact of Promotions on Shopper Price Comparisons. To appear in Journal of Business Research.

Patino, A. D., Kaltcheva, V. D., Smith, M. F. (2011). The Appeal of Reality Television for Teen and Pre-Teen Audiences: The Power of "Connectedness" and Psychodemographics. Journal of Advertising Research, 51(1), 288-297. www.warc.com/jar

Franzak, F. J., Pitta, D. A. (2011). Moving from service dominant to solution dominant brand innovation. Journal of Product and Brand Management, 20(5), 394–401.

Wood, V. R., Franzak, F. J., Pitta, D. A., Gillpatrick, T. (2011). Integrating Creative People, Creative Communities and Macro-Environmental Characteristics into the Marketing Organization. Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, 5(3), 32-46.

Randolph, W. A. Developing global business capabilities in MBA students. Journal of Management Inquiry.

Sawhney, B. L. (2011). The Impact of Military Spending on Economic Growth: North Cyprus. Defence and Peace Economics, 22(5), 555-562.

Geddes, D., Stickney, L. T. (2011). Organizational Member Responses to Deviant Anger Displays at Work. Human Relations, 64(2), 201-230.

Williams, J. L., Sun, H. (2011). The Impact of Regulation on Firms' Ability to Habitually Meet or Beat Analysts' Expectations. Research in Accounting Regulation. 23 (2)


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