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Ven Sriram Faculty Making a Global Difference

Each year, income from the Mary and William G. Baker Faculty Fellowship endowment fund provides special awards for outstanding Merrick School of Business faculty members.  This past academic year, one of the recipients of a Baker award was Professor of Marketing Ven Sriram.

Nepal, Turkey, Ghana, Mexico, Argentina -  Sriram has taught courses and researched marketing practices in these countries and others across the globe, and he brings his in-depth knowledge of global marketing strategies to the undergraduate and graduate courses he teaches at UB. He is one of several faculty members whose understanding of international business helps prepare UB students for careers in a professional world that is increasingly global in scope.

Sriram is a former Fulbright Scholar and is currently serving a term as a Fulbright Senior Specialist. He also spent a year as a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University, UK, while on sabbatical from the University of Baltimore. He has been a member of the UB faculty since 1999.

Sriram's travels allow him to give UB students a better understanding of global business practices. 

"Students need to be prepared to open their minds to experiences," Sriram says. "They need to know the historical background of how people work in different countries."

One way that professors bring this sort of perspective to their classroom course work is through a curriculum that includes case studies of successful international businesses. Unfortunately, these studies are not always readily available. That is why Sriram's most recent research has included the development of instructional cases based on companies from emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Europe.

As faculty adviser for UB's newly established chapter of Students In Free Enterprise, Sriram also will help guide students to use the business skills they develop in the classroom to help the community. SIFE —an international nonprofit network of leaders in higher education and business working to encourage student outreach projects that demonstrate the effectiveness and long-term benefits of socially responsible business practices—and its chapter at UB are beginning its local efforts with an entrepreneurship initiative in partnership with the Baltimore City Public Schools.

A truly global traveler, Sriram's adventures have even taken him to cyberspace. You can find a video of him on YouTube, where he describes the UB/Towson M.B.A.

Note: This article first appeared on the Uniquely UB: The Campaign for the University of Baltimore Web site.

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