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Honors Strengthens Accounting Program

 When it comes to accounting, all things must add up. Take for example the new Honors Accounting program in the Merrick School of Business – the logical next step for a degree with a reputation on the rise. In addition to being ranked first in terms of the number of alumni managing or co-managing Baltimore’s largest 25 accounting firms, the school will be the first in the area to offer an Honors Accounting program beginning this fall.


School Partners with NASA

Starting this fall, advanced technology developed by NASA that could be introduced in commercial markets will pass through the halls of the Merrick School of Business, where graduate students will consider its potential and explore its marketability. It’s a long shot, of course, but perhaps the next generation’s cell phone or iPod is just waiting for UB to understand its future market value.


Internship Program Ramped Up

A new internship initiative that encourages academic credit for students’ field work has been established by School of Business faculty and administrators in tandem with members of the Dean’s Business Advisory Council and Accounting Advisory Board. Under the old model students might have received academic credit for interning, but now the School has made it more worthwhile to pursue an internship experience.

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