Alumni Snapshot: Troy Pritt
Seeing People in a Much Bigger Light
Troy Pritt

Troy Pritt, MBA ’20, B.S. ’15, has a story that starts with his time working at the steel mill in Sparrows Point and leads him to where he is today, the director of human resources at University of Maryland’s Baltimore Washington Medical Center. He’ll tell you that his world was very small when he was working in the factory and living in a small town. His perspective changed after attending The University of Baltimore. The diversity of people at the University opened his eyes and the opportunities afforded to him, including studying abroad, allowed him to see people in a much bigger light.  

The circumstances surrounding the rumors and eventual closure of Baltimore’s steel production plant, was enough to get Pritt started on his educational journey as a non-traditional student. At 41 years old, he took a chance on himself and enrolled in college at the Community College of Baltimore County. He would eventually transfer to UBalt in 2013 to pursue his B.S. in Business Administration (marketing). Pritt wasn’t ready to rest after earning his first degree. He began the UBalt MBA program in 2016 while simultaneously working in a local hospital’s HR department. To get that job he utilized the UBalt alumni network and was hired by an alumna.    

Pritt recently sat down with us to share some thoughts about his career, why mentorship is so important to him, and to share some valuable advice for our students.

Merrick: Tell us about your career trajectory since completing the MBA degree at The University of Baltimore.  

Troy Pritt: When I graduated in 2020 I was working at an Amazon fulfillment center as a Human Resources Business Partner. The MBA opened the door for me to move to a Director’s position with Maryland Vascular Associates. The Directors roll meant an increase in responsibility and the opportunity to be a creative force in building a human resources department. While the role was a nice experience I longed to return to human resources in a hospital. I received that opportunity in March of 2022 when I was offered the Director of Human resources position at University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center. 


Merrick: What did you pursue a career in human resource management? 

Troy Pritt: Working in Human Resources gives me the opportunity to not only touch many aspects of business, but to also make a difference in the lives of our team members. As the director I am able to create and give guidance on policies and to handle all employee relations issues. Additionally, it gives me a chance to train my team and to mentor them 


Merrick: What is the best aspect of your job?

Troy Pritt: The best aspect of my job is being able to impact the lives of the team member. My team and I create succession plans, helping team member move up within the organization. I have also helped team members create or rewrite their resumes to best capture their qualifications and experiences. It is that mentorship and seeing others peruse their dreams gives me a great deal of satisfaction. 


Merrick: How has the pandemic impacted the way you work and what is expected by your employers?

Troy Pritt: The pandemic has made it harder for me to do my job in many ways. To be successful in HR it is necessary to make a connection with the people you are helping. This is difficult with Zoom meetings and having to social distance hinders that connection. It also makes it difficult to find qualified individuals who want to come in to the office, now that working from home has become the norm. 


Merrick: How has mentoring played a role in the course of your career?

Troy Pritt: When I started in HR it was because of the mentorship of another UBalt alumnus. Phaedra Stewart, who I met at an alumni event, encouraged me to go into Human Resources when I graduated with my bachelor's. Her mentorship over the years has been amazing. She has helped me to see the big picture, and to dig deep into a situation to create the best outcomes. 

Her example is what has encouraged me to mentor others. I always make myself available to those that have come to me for advice. I was in a store and just happened to be wearing a UBalt shirt. One of the employees engaged me and said that he was a current student. I gave him my business card and asked him to reach out to me when he was ready to start looking for a position. Phaedra once told me that, "to who has been given much, much is required.”  I have been able to achieve a great deal since graduation and I would feel that I was doing an injustice to those that mentored me if I did not mentor others. 


Merrick: In what ways do you like to give back to the community?

Troy Pritt: I like to give back to the UBalt community and to other organizations by making time to serve when needed. If I can mentor another, donate money or my time to further the education of others I feel it is my duty to raise my hand and volunteer. 


Merrick: What has been the most important thing you’ve learned to succeed in business or in life?

Troy Pritt: The two biggest lessons that I have learned to succeed in business it to be open to change. Becoming stagnant and not pursuing new opportunities can be detrimental to any business. One must stay open to the idea, and new processes so that the organization can grow and move forward. 

The second is to simply be kind. In Human Resources we often have to make the difficult decisions. When those times happen, it is important to engage others with kindness. Having compassion will always lead to success


Merrick: What characteristics do you see in successful leaders and why do you believe that?

Troy Pritt: The characteristics that I see in successful people is the drive to succeed. I truly admire someone who tirelessly pursues their dreams and achieves their goals. It is easy to make excuses, but it is hard to put in the work and do what needs to be done. 


Merrick: What advice would you give to students who would like to pursue careers in human resource management?

Troy Pritt: My advice to a student who wants to pursue a career in Human Resources management is to build your network. Engage with others in the HR through organizations like Chesapeake Human Resources Association. This is a great way to learn about changes in employment law, as well as learning about employment opportunities. 


Merrick: What is the one job-hunting secret you wish all students knew?

Troy Pritt: The importance of networking is the one thing I wish all student knew. Finding the dream job is about having the credential but also knowing the right people. It really is about who you know that opens doors in to employment. All of the jobs that I have had, were the direct result from networking with the hiring managers either through the alumni or though Linkedin. 
Merrick: Why did you choose to earn your degree at UBalt?

Troy Pritt: When I started UBalt, I was a non-traditional student, who was in the process of transitioning from an unskilled factory jobs to positions requiring a degree. UBalt offers a unique college experience, not only did I learn in the classroom, but also from the mentorship of the professors and those that work in the Deans suite. I felt like everyone took a personal interest in my success. I was encouraged to join clubs and even served as Student Government Vice President. Also, UBalt is located in a vibrant area of Baltimore City that is close to great museums restaurants giving the students the chance to experience some of the best that Baltimore has to offer. 

Merrick: How has attending The University of Baltimore helped you in your career?

Troy Pritt: The University of Baltimore has helped me in my career in countless ways. My first job after earning my bachelor's was found through the alumnus. There were a few times when I struggled with a project at work and was able to engage one of my former professors to discuss my struggles and to seek their guidance. The University of Baltimore has been a reliable resource through my entire career. 


Merrick: What personal goal have you set for yourself for  the next 12 months?

Troy Pritt: My personal goal for the next 12 months is to achieve a certification in HR through the Society of Human Resources Management. 

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