Faculty Publications 2019-2020
A Selection of Faculty Articles Published Between July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020



Phillip Korb, CPA and associate professor of accounting, Dan Gerlowski, professor of economics, and Ting Zhang associate professor of economics, co-authored “An alternate state in mind: the effect of CPA exam credit-hour requirements and economic competitiveness on state-level exam candidate pools and pass rates” in Accounting Education.


Professor of Accounting Mikhail Pevzner co-authored an article titled “The Consequences of Providing Lower Quality Audits at the Engagement Partner Level” in the Journal of International Accounting Research.


Dong Chen, associate professor of finance published an article titled “Extreme Weather and Ratings on Corporate Climate Mitigation Policies” in Organization & Environment


Associate Professor of Finance and Real Estate Nafessa Yunus published the following articles: “Dynamic linkages among U.S. real estate sectors before and after the housing crisis” in The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, and a second article in Applied Economics titledCommonalities across commercial real estate indexes.”


Ting Zhang, associate professor of economics published an article titled “Workforce Training for Older Workers: Toward a Better Understanding of Older Worker Needs after the Great Recession” in Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations and co-authored papers titled “Does Generation Matter for Entrepreneur Types: Four Generations of Entrepreneurs,” in the Southern Economic Journal, and in the Journal of Patient Experience, “Rural Disparities in Hospital Patient Satisfaction.”


Elizabeth Gammon, an adjunct faculty member, co-authored “Strategies to Achieve Competencies during Disruptive Change: Emerging Employer Needs and their Impact on Program Deliverables in the Healthcare Sectorin The Journal of Health Administration Education.




Professor of Management Information Systems Anil Aggarwal published “Using Deming’s Cycle for Improvement in a Course, A Case Study” in the International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies. He also published “A Conceptual Framework for Big Data Models Using Filtration Theory” in the Journal of Information Technology Management.


Eusebio Scornavacca, associate professor of management information systems published “Unveiling an entrepreneurial perspective in smart city research” in the International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal.   




Regina Bento, professor of management co-authored an article titled “The Rose and the Cactus: The lived and unanswered callings of Manya Sklodowska (Marie Curie) and Mileva Marić (Einstein)” in Cultural Studies - Critical Methodologies. She also had a co-authored piece in Management Learning titled “Premises, Promises, and Perils of the Academic Potemkin Village.”  


Assistant Professor of Strategic Management William Carter published an article titled “Tackling weaknesses in students’ financial analysis capabilities: A value-based exercise for strategic management courses” in Management Teaching Review.    


Lecturer Theodore Peters and Professor of Management Lisa Stickney co-authored “Teaching Tips: What to do with a Bad Exam” in the Journal of Human Resources Education. Peters also co-authored a paper titled “In spite of technology: a failure in student project ownership” in Organization Management Journal.


Associate Professor of Management Amir Pezeshkan co-authored the following papers: “Risk, capabilities, and international venture capital syndication in China” in the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research and “When do dynamic capabilities lead to competitive advantage? The importance of strategic fit,” in the Journal of Management Studies.


Professor of Management Lisa Stickney co-authored an article titled Improving “Academic Literacy in the Management Classroom: Are Your Students Lost in Translation?” in Management Teaching Review.


Assistant Professor of Management Kevin Wynne co-authored an article titled “Trusting autonomous security robots: The role of reliability and stated social intent” in Human Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.




Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship David Lingelbach published “No Peace, No Rest: Paying More Attention to Actors at the Wealth-Power Nexus” in the Journal of Management Inquiry.


New faculty member Sanwar Sunny, assistant professor of entrepreneurship co-authored papers titled “Leveraging blockchain's potential - The paradox of centrally legitimate, decentralized solutions to institutional challenges in Kenya” in the Journal of Business Venturing Insights,Venture capital as an ecosystem engineer for regional innovation in an emerging market” in International Business Review, and “Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship Education: Where are we and what is next?” in the Journal of Small Business Management. He also published “Nature cannot be fooled – A dual-equilibrium simulation of climate change” in  Organization & Environment.      

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