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UB Ranks First in Graduates Managing Largest Accounting Firms in Baltimore Area

One of the greatest strengths of the Merrick School of Business is its accounting program. Over the years, dozens upon dozens of accounting graduates have been hired to support, manage and lead firms. Recently, the school uncovered that 10 out of the 25 largest accounting firms in the Baltimore area (as ranked by the Baltimore Business Journal’s 2009 Book of Lists) are headed by graduates of the University of Baltimore’s Merrick School of Business and the UB School of Law. That number is up from eight, as revealed by last year’s BBJ list, making the University the leading area source for top-level managerial accounting talent.

The 2009 list includes the category “head local executive,” and the 10 cited firms have UB graduates listed as principals, managing partners, chairmen and so on.

The number of UB alumni leading these firms in a concentrated geographical area is “remarkable,” according to Merrick School of Business Dean Darlene Smith.

“To discover that many of our graduates are leading firms that handle a substantial volume of the region’s accounting needs—that is a remarkable tribute to both our teaching and our reach into the market,” Smith said. “It indicates that not only do we produce stellar graduates who are fully prepared for a career in accounting, but we also develop business leaders. No doubt tomorrow’s accounting CEOs are taking classes at UB right now.”

The 10 leaders and their firms’ ranking in the 2009 Book of Lists are:

  • Gary Perlow, CPA, CERT ‘81, co-managing principal of the Reznick Group (#3)
  • H. Terry Hancock, CPA, B.S. ‘80, managing partner of Clifton Gunderson (#7)
  • Alvin D. Katz, CPA, B.S. ‘63, president and CEO of KAWG&F (#8)
  • Donald N. Hoffman, CPA, B.S. ’78, M.S. ‘84 and Jeffrey M. Kleeman, CPA, M.S. ’94, members of the management committee, Hertzbach & Co. (#13)
  • Arthur Flach, CPA, M.S. ‘83, Baltimore Office Partner-in-Charge and Mid-Atlantic Tax Practice leader of Grant Thornton (#17)
  • Thomas R. Moore, CPA, B.S. ‘75, chairman of Stegman & Co. (#19)
  • Howard J. Rosen, CPA, B.S. ‘71, president of RS&F Chartered (#20)
  • Jeffrey Coleman, JD, CPA/ABV, CVA, J.D. ‘76, managing partner of Weil, Akman, Baylin & Coleman (#21)
  • Raphael Kahn, CPA, B.S. ‘67, president of K,B,S,T & M, P.A. (#24)
  • Simpson H. Gardyn, CPA, CVA, M.S. ‘80, managing partner of Gorfine, Schiller & Gardyn, P.A.  (#10)

These leaders, and others like them, frequently return to their alma mater to speak to current and prospective students about existing conditions in the accounting field, as well as to explore larger issues that affect their businesses, such as the sweeping Sarbanes Oxley legislation from a few years ago.

“It’s the best way for our students to get a picture of what the profession is facing now, and what it will face in future years,” Smith said. “All of us get a lot out of having our graduates come back to the University.”

UB offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting. Find out more here.

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