Marketing Faculty Recognized for Outstanding Research
Praneet Randhawa
Praneet Randhawa

At the annual Faculty Awards celebration, Assistant Professor of Marketing Praneet Randhawa received the Merrick School of Business's Outstanding Article award for her 2019 co-authored article titled “The interactive effects of product and brand portfolio strategies on brand performance: Longitudinal evidence from the U.S. automotive industry” in the International Journal of Research in Marketing.


From the perspective of Dean Murray Dalziel, who had to consider several Merrick School of Business faculty for the Outstanding Paper award, he selected Randhawa because she and her research colleagues demonstrated what the Merrick School of Business is really looking for in knowledge creation.


"They advanced research in this area through rigorously looking at the key product and brand variables that predict performance," said Dalziel. "They also provided clear and new propositions for marketing executives about how to manage product and brand portfolios."


Randhawa’s research interests primarily centers on understanding customer and managerial issues in marketing with special emphasis on services marketing, customer experience management, innovation, and new product development. Her interest in pursuing this particular paper stemmed from a strong sentiment that she and her co-authors came to agree upon. They felt strongly that product portfolio and brand portfolio decisions are highly interconnected and although in real life managers don't make product (or brand) decisions without consider the other.


“The literature seems to treat that product portfolio and brand portfolio decisions independently, or at least did not test the impact of the interplay of product and brand portfolio strategies,” said Randhawa. “We thought this was an important research question to pursue in the auto industry given both product and brand decisions are not only expensive, but also have far reaching implications in terms of performance.”


The newly appointed Middendorf Distinguished Professor explained that the paper looks at how product growth decisions are impacted by brand growth strategies. She shared that in the findings, product and brand growth strategies need to be considered hand-in-hand. Specifically, the data reveals that for auto industry having larger number of brands is a good strategy for firms that have a limited number of innovative products, whereas having too many brands, while maintaining too many product types, is a poor strategy for the performance of the firm. The researchers also found that positioning of the brand in the marketplace is critical to be considered with considering product growth decisions.


Learn more about Prof. Randhawa.


In addition to the Outstanding Article Award, the School of Business announced professorships, chairs and annual teaching awards for the academic year 2019-20 at the school’s May virtual awards ceremony:

Professorships / Chairs

  • Regina Bento, professor of management, continues to hold the Baltimore Gas and Electric Chair
  • Mikhail Pevzner, associate professor of accounting, continues to hold the E&Y Chair in Accounting
  • Amir Pezeshkan, assistant professor of management and international relations, continues to hold the CSX Leadership Chair
  • Praneet Randhawa, assistant professor of marketing, was awarded the J. William Middendorf Distinguished Professor
  • Eusebio Scornavacca, assistant professor of information systems, continues to hold the John P. & Margaret M. Thompson Professorship in MIS
  • Jaya Singhal, professor of decision science, continues to hold the Frank Baker Chair for Research Excellence
  • Kalyan Singhal, professor of supply chain management, continues to hold the Doris and Robert McCurdy Chair
  • Lourdes White, professor of accounting, awarded the Lockheed Martin Chair
  • Nafeesa Yunus, associate professor of finance and real estate, continues to hold the Harry Y. Wright Chair in Finance
  • Ting Zhang, and associate professor of economics was awarded the Harry Y. Wright Chair in Economics

Annual Teaching and Service Awards

  • William Carter, assistant professor of management shares the Dean Clifford C. James Chair for Distinguished Teaching.
  • Roberto Cavazos, lecturer in decision science received the Dean’s Award for Faculty. 
  • Dong Chen, associate professor of finance received the Yale Gordon Chair of Distinguished Teaching.
  • M. Kate Demarest, lecturer shares the G. Maxwell Armor Professorship.
  • Seema Iyer, associate research professor and program director of the Real Estate and Economic Development program, received the Dean Daniel Costello Service Award.
  • Tashi Jelani received the Dean’s Award for Staff
  • David Lingelbach, received the Turner Medallion.
  • Joshua Penrod, adjunct management faculty, received the Adjunct Faculty Award.
  • Theodore Peters, lecturer in management shares the Dean Clifford C. James Chair for Distinguished Teaching.
  • Marta Rivell received the Dean’s Award for Staff
  • Michael Swaby-Rowe received the Dean’s Award for Staff
  • Frank van Vliet, senior lecturer in marketing and entrepreneurship, shares the G. Maxwell Armor Professorship.
  • Jan Williams, associate professor of accounting shares the Yale Gordon Chair of Distinguished Teaching.


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Marketing Faculty Recognized for Outstanding Research
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